Mikey meets the Titan Girls!

cropped-image1.jpgLast week Mikey D was very lucky to meet the Titan’s Cheerleaders at the Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run.  Mikey has an ability and cheekiness that draws people to him.  As he’s getting older, he’s getting much more aware and confident.  He said ‘hi’  as we were going up the stairs, as they were running down and they stopped and chatted to us – he was very pleased with himself.

His big sis was doing the 1km junior dash and raising money for the CPL.  Her inspiration to run and push herself like this physically (which she sure doesn’t get from me!) is because, she tells me tonight* ‘I want to help Mikey and I have a friend at school that has CP.  I want to help other people with CP by doing my running for them’.

As we said goodbye to the Titan Cheerleaders, he wouldn’t let go of one of their pom-poms, and we had to prize it off him. The cheerleader said to me ‘he won’t cry will he? I don’t want to upset him’. Mikey chuckled, let go and yelled ‘bye!’.  I think Mikey felt sorry for her!  Little did they know, that they were lucky he only grabbed a pom-pom… and nothing else…

*After her interview with me tonight, which she is happy to share on this blog, she asked what her fee should be for further interviews!  Obviously, her father’s daughter 😉 

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