The internet can be a great place, it’s where families connect, friendships reconnect and friendships are formed.

It’s where parents of children who have rare syndromes and disabilities can find understanding and compassion by others that are facing similar situations to themselves.

It is hard enough to parent a child with a disability in the challenges we all face.  We all feel, at different points in time, that we are doing it wrong, have days where we don’t know if we can do this, whether anything we do is right.  However, if you choose to call your situation ‘special needs’, it seems that you are doing that wrong too.

As decades pass us by, we see the fading of many a term and words used, that no longer are appropriate or used in the same context.

Whether you use the term special needs or not, I have a slight problem with making the parents feel that they are doing yet another thing ‘incorrect’.

It’s time to be more supportive and sensitive to those parents in the trenches who are just trying to make it through the day and do the best for their child. without being hammered about what term they use and that ‘special needs’ is perhaps one of those words no longer to be used.

The reality is, when parents are siting in the doctor’s room, and are hearing for the first time what their child’s future may look like, there generally isn’t a disability advocate in there giving them the low down on terminology regarding disability.

Lets support each other in these early days and support the way forward for these parents that are new to this world.

As a parent of a child with a disability, I too have evolved with the different terms I use as my child leads the way and shows me a different perspective.

All of us are here to make our children’s lives richer, and in those early years, it is seemingly a mammoth task that some days, we question if we can really do it.

But we will.  And we do.  And we will make the changes, make the mistakes but we will also grow along the way.

The term kick-arse comes to my mind more frequently nowadays 😉

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