The beginning of danger!

We didn’t realise that by giving him the middle name of “Danger”, just what we were instore for.  It seemed that his fate was written in the stars, before we even knew it!

It was September 2011 and I had given birth via emergency C-section at 3am.  I also didn’t realise how poignot 3am a time was, as that time would feature highly for many years to come!  Bryce, my husband at the time, said excitedly to me, can I still give him the middle name of DANGER?  I’m about to sign the birth certificates for the babies!

As my eyes rolled back into my head, I muttered a yes, before dropping out of consciousness!

I woke up in another room, away from my 2 babies.  I had no idea what was going on.  Within moments, Bryce came to me, eyes beaming telling me happily that Michael “Danger” and Jasmine “Erica” were now being looked after in NICU (neonatal-intensive care unit).

70 days later, we were able to take them home.

1 week later, and we would be vising the hospital again with a sick little Jasmine for another stay in the children’s ward.  One of many to come over the following 12 months.

To this day, I think that Danger was the name that chose him, not the other way around.

While his little twin sister ‘Jazzie’, was busy battling her ‘failure to thrive’, many bouts of chronic respitory infections, ‘Mikey’ was kicking goals with eating, sleeping, pooping and generally growing into a big and robust boy.

Wherever we went, people asked quizzically if they were twins – and sounding surprised when we answered yes.   Even more suprising, was when asked if our boy/girl twins were identical!  (think about it…!)

As Mikey started to meet his milestones, and travel along the growth charts, Jazzie was travelling along her own timeline.  It would be years later until she would even hit the 1st percentile on a growth chart (I think she was 5 when she hit that first percentile!)

Mikey had his first seizure just shy of turning 1 years old.  That seizure changed his life and our life as a family, forever.  It would completely alter the progression of the little  boy who had the middle name of Danger, who spent 70 days in the NICU and Special Care Nurseries with his twin, to something completely different.

The little boy who had just learnt to crawl the week prior, was beginning to talk and become familiar with the world around him had lost it all through one prolonged seizure.

This would only be the beginning of more of the danger to come…

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