The Time IS Now.


Imagine, as soon as you give birth, your baby is whisked away, and not only are you are on a different floor in the hospital, you can’t hold your baby for days.  No one told you about this.

Imagine, feeling so alone, that to ask for help, paralyses you with fear because you are even more afraid of the ‘not coping’ tag associated when we do ask for help.

Imagine, you pluck up the courage to ask for help but no one answers.  No phone calls, emails or text responses – no family, friends, health workers to support you in this foreign situation you are in.

Imagine, not knowing the path that you are now faced with, because you didn’t plan for this.  This was out of your control.  This just happened.

Imagine, being told that your child ‘has a very high chance’ that they won’t meet any of their milestones.

Imagine, battling with the local school board to gain a place for your child’s education, appropriate for their needs.

Imagine, your child being expelled due to ‘bad’ behaviour.

Imagine, people coming and going from your home constantly.  Therapists, doctors, social workers, support workers.  Imagine having these ‘extra’ people in your home during the most intense times of the day – even when you and your partner aren’t speaking to each other.

Imagine, a medical professional rolling their eyes at you because they are questioning your parenting skills.

Imagine, your family or friends doing the same.

Imagine, being suggested to that ‘it’s all in your head, you are over exaggerating or that your child will grow out of it’.

Imagine, because all the above is very true behind the closed doors of many in our Australian special needs community.

Now imagine this.

Imagine, being in the same room as your baby and being able to stay with them for as long as you like.

Imagine, you are not alone.

Imagine, family, friends and health professionals listening to you and not asking you to justify the reasons behind what you are saying.

Imagine, there are others who have walked a similar path before you.

Imagine, being supported by a group of parents who get this life.

Imagine, your child being supported in an education setting appropriate for their needs, in which they have the opportunity to flourish and grow.  Misbehaviour is a sign that action is needed to help the child, not punish.

Imagine, living in a society and having access to appropriate supports for both your child and your family.

Imagine it.


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