3 months post surgery and seizure free!

Wow, what a difference 3 months make!

To think that Danger had his op just 3 months ago, and has been seizure free for that time, still feels very surreal to me.  I have little moments, where my anxiety creeps up, squeezes my heart and sits there!  I am experiencing the bodily reaction to anxiety but my rational head tells me, there are no more seizures and why would there be – they have been disconnected, to reek havoc no more!

A few times, Danger has slept in HIS OWN BED!  Oh my, that was very exciting – for anyone who knows that when your child lives with seizures, rarely is a good night sleep ever had!  Danger went to sleep in his own bed and stayed there all night!  I crept in the next morning, my heart momentarily stopped as the anxiety crept up again, and squeezed my heart, as I tiptoed into his room.  I froze.  He was breathing, regularly and there was nothing to see here, so move along!  Flashbacks of him all those years ago, were replaced instead with him sleeping pbigban.jpgeacefully in his own bed.

I look at how far he has come in this short time and just feel very thankful that for Danger, he has been so very fortunate to be granted this second lease of life.  His recovery, his condition and his spirit, has been given a boost of some kind of magical super power,that makes him just want to grasp life by the balls!

They say that life starts outside your comfort zone.

I guess everyone’s comfort zone is relative to their situation?  Our comfort zone – in a warped way – was preparing our son for surgery  (and ourselves) that may or may not have left him with more deficits, then before.  So far, the biggest deficient has been his vision loss.  The other losses are very minimal as he continues to build on strengths all the time.

Reading about others that have gone through this surgery too and seeing how far they have gone, is truly mind-blowing.  It keeps spurring me on that it is OK to feel an abundance of HOPE!

There really is hope in one hemi 🙂 


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