This post is brought to you by: A Peppa Pig Marathon and Chicken Nuggets Gorge-Fest!

Living on the GC has its perks.  We certainly aren’t the centre of the universe by any means, and we are still considered ‘rural’ by some standards – ridiculous, I know! Have you seen the skyscrapers?!

Anyway, a lot of our ‘therapy’ is done outdoors with Danger.  We have a wonderful team of therapists helping Mikey strive to be the best he can following his surgery.  We have found a lot his therapy, since returning home, has been everyday stuff – walking on the beach, swimming, horseriding (hippotherapy) and riding his bike.

Mikey D had only undergone therapy 2 weeks prior to when his rehab surgery begun in hospital and he was OVER IT.  He was over people interrupting him during his Peppa Pig Marathon and Chicken Nuggets Gorge Fest.  When you have a dietician tell you if you don’t eat all the chicken nuggets you can, that they are going to stick another nasogastric tube up your schnoz, then you better eat!

We had a bit of a show-down with the Rehab Dr – who was lovely, but again didn’t know us or Mikey.

Picture this – We had Mikey strapped in his stroller, Peppa on the iPad and Mr D was chewing on a nugget.  The backs were packed, we had folded up the god-awful couch/bed and we were ready to leave!

The Doctor was a little concerned that we were going so soon and after giving our reasons as to why we needed to get Danger back home – including the fact he was about to eat the hospital out of nuggets!, she reluctantly rang her superior, who said, let them go, the kitchen can’t cope!

We went back to hospital only a couple of weeks ago to check in with rehab.  They were amazed at the comeback Mikey has made, with not only movement, but communication, speech and overall functionality.

We are very fortunate that he has responded so well to his daily routine of bus, school, car, park and beach.  These things may seem very simple, but they are part of a routine that he feels confident within.  This allows his growth.

Of course, there are times, when we have to push him out of his comfort zone – and we do.  I feel, as well as Bryce though, that as time goes on, the most important thing for us, is to see the cheeky, happy confident little boy we have enjoy the experiences that he is able to – just like any kid.

He will have his challenges but life isn’t a race, that’s what the motor track is for!

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