8 weeks seizure free and still driving me nuts!

It’s great to know that some things don’t change!

My little Danger Man always keeps me on my toes. Never a dull moment, never a time to slack off, unless we are watching a bit of Peppa, and all for the joy of spending time with a little Danger that has defied the odds and proved that miracles can happen!

8 weeks ago today, Mikey Danger underwent his procedure to disconnect his 2 hemispheres – a Hemispherectomy.   Prior to surgery, he was a go-getter, always asking for the next thing to do – car, car, park, park bus, bus (school), ball, ball (his physiotherapist!) etc.

Now post surgery, it is much the same – ball, ball, car, car, beach, beach!!

So today we went to the beach with friends.  AND we stayed there for 1 whole hour!  It was amazing.  I watched him go off into the sea with his surf board, bobbing along with his bare little bum shining bright white!

He used both of his hands to steady himself, and only a few times I had to wade in to bring him closer to shore!

Prior to surgery, the banshee mother screaming STOP MIKEY! – would have been dismissed and he would have carried on anyway.  This time, he turned, gave me a cheeky smile, and watched me wade in to grab him!

To be able to head to the beach, and not worry about him having a seizure that although lasts only seconds, can have dire consequences when you are in the water, was freedom.  Today, was about total freedom.  I was finally able to watch from the sidelines.

It was quite stressful though, so now I’m swimming in wine 🙂


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