The Dark Side to Life.

sadThere is a dark side to life.  We are all fully aware of that.  How can we not be?  Our feeds are flooded with images and words that tell us so – radio and tv depict these images also.

We know that we all experience highs and lows through our lives – and some of us witness horrific things.  Those in the front line of certain vocations that require a human spirit so strong, that it wouldn’t break when faced with these images.  And what about the people who are actually experiencing them?  They are the survivors and the fighters.

There is nothing more worse than human (and animal) suffering. If you read between the lines of the ‘perfect’ images that also saturate our feeds, the Insta-sham and Fake-books, you can sometimes see a person’s vulnerability, if you’re willing to scratch the surface.

On the flip side however, a lot of good can come from spreading awareness of important issues.  Death is a huge part of life yet we rarely speak about it.  I don’t know why, but Danger constantly asks for his Poppy – and I mean everyday.  He knows that he’s not here, that he’s up in the ‘stars’.  It saddens me that dad was taken from us, and that is where my heartbreak lies, just beneath the surface.

We all have something, that if you were to scratch the surface, the dark side would appear and so would the cracks.  It is important to acknowledge this because if not, eventually you will crack.  This is what makes us human.

There is a lot of people out there, who face immense battles and deserve to be celebrated. They go on to live full and rich lives, despite their circumstances.  If we stop and look at these people, who help us along the way to put our own lives into perspective, then maybe we could all breathe a bit more easier, not so laden with anxiety?

And those that lose their battle, end up having their life severely altered or taken away prematurely by disease?  They deserve to be celebrated also, remembered with love, for their time that we were able to share with them and the positive impact they had on the people around them.  Let the people who want to share these stories, be heard.  Mikey might have challenges in many areas, however emotional intelligence is not a challenge for him.  He’s probably one of the most in-tuned little humans I’ve ever met!

Let your dark side show if you need to, it’s not a bad thing.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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