Today MikeyD got verified!

Today MikeyD got verified at his Special School!

What does that even mean?  For the first few months, MikeyD has undergone assessments at school for his cognitive abilities as well as physical abilities.

All kids that enter the school need to be verified for ID (intellectual disability).  As MikeyD’s physical disability goes hand in hand with his intellectual disability, he has been successfully assessed as verified!

That means that up until Year 12, he will be fully supported in his school environment, accessing a cirriculum tailored for him!

If you had told me early on that MikeyD would be fully supported in this way, I would have called you crazy! Everything seems to be geared up nowadays about whether you fit into a box and if you grade well.

But guess what?  When we have to navigate a system for our kids with a disability – and I am talking about all of them – educational, medical and societal… there is great support out there.

I think if I had known this early on, some of my anxiety would have definitely been alleviated!

Onwards and upwards Mr MikeD!

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