Mikey D’s Update on Prep Life!

We have had a kicking start to the school year and now we find ourselves in Term 2!

Mikey has a great class with 4 other little fellas, and 3 incredible teachers.  1 Teacher and 2 Teacher Aides makes sure that all the kids get the assistance they need to thrive in school.

This term, they are checking on their plants, that they planted in Term 1.  The school has a little garden where the budding green thumbs go to check their progress.

There is also a break-out room with a nest swing (one of MrD’s faves!) as well as big padded mats, wedges and tunnels.

There is a trampoline room, where, yep they go trampolining!,  and a pool also for hydrotherapy.

There is tonnes of sensory activities and science.  One day I went to pick Mikey up early for hippotherapy, and for science they were tasting different foods for the different textures and tastes – that was a big hit with MrD!  They also had a popcorn making day 🙂

Mikey is learning independence and how to communicate with his class mates.  They use a combination of Verbal, Pic Com Cards (Picture cards) and Makaton Sign.

He catches the bus everyday, except for Thursdays, when I take him. When we arrive, there are so many friendly happy teachers and volunteers to greet us and high five Mikey and all the other kids as they arrive.  It is simply the best way to arrive at a place – can you imagine if you went to work and every morning you were greeted with friendly faces, cheers and high fives?!  What a difference to the start of the day that makes 🙂

Before Mikey started at his Special School (also known as Developmental School) we were very keen to have him start with his sister in a State (Mainstream) school.  After we were told that he would be in a class with 25 other students, there came a point where we knew that it would not have been the right fit for him.

I think, as parents, we thought that keeping the twins together was the best way to go. It wasn’t.  Since he started at his Special School,  he has not looked back.

Unfortunately there is still a bit of stigma attached to Special Schools.  But as time goes on, this IS changing.  These schools have a very firm place in our communities for some very special individuals.  For successful inclusion in our communities we have to acknowledge that it takes different environments, to foster great foundations of our future generations, unique as we all are!





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