Being Grateful is a Daily Practice!

Don’t worry, it’s not easy to be grateful all of the time.  It takes time and practice.  In fact, it is only human if at times we look at the glass and see it as half empty.  It is difficult in this fast pace world to think that we need nothing more to be bigger, do better and strive for the best of every opportunity that comes our way.  To do anything else, is seemed to be a failing.

Of course, depending on who you speak to on any given day, you could be confused in thinking that there are many things we should be striving for.  But really, I have asked myself lately, what IS IT that is so important?

After losing my dad last year to pancreatic cancer; he was not only my dad, but a wonderful Poppy to my beloved kids.  Now we are dealing with an aggressive form of epilepsy with MrD – HHE Syndrome – and all that comes with it pending his brain surgery later this year.  It doesn’t surprise me that as brutal as this has all been, it has made me question many things.  What is the quiet but forceful voice whispering in my ear – egging me on to just say it, say it as it is?  Unapologetically.

I ran into our speech therapist that MrD’s twin – Jaz – is accessing through her mainstream school and it was a great exchange of how we look at progression with children with their development.  I was told that Jaz is currently at a level quite low to what is expected of her peers.  In fact, despite her extra therapy – OT, Speech and Physio, it has been said that she is progressing slower than what they had liked to have seen.

You want to know what my response was?! Of course you do! 

I said to our Speechy, I am really happy with all of the above, because the fact that Jaz is healthy enough to attend school, is a win in my eyes.  I know that she will progress in her own time, in her own way.  It may not suit the current climate of the classroom and she will be deemed to be ‘falling behind’  but falling behind who?

She is unique, as all the others in the classroom.  She will get there and there is no reason why she won’t.  Just as MikeD, he is given the tools in his school, I believe that she will be given the tools in her school.  I do have faith in the school system and I appreciate them advising me, but really it doesn’t phase me.  True.

The thing that I wish for is that the neuro-diversity of all kids in school – whether they may be in mainstream or a special/developmental school is that they are ultimately celebrated for their strengths and abilities, and are giving the right supports for those that they may lack and need help with.

I am continuously learning to be grateful for the experiences my kids have gone through to remind and show me what it is I need to focus on.  It would be great if that was normal rather than this striving for something that is not really real.   We actually have it within us, if we just slow down for a moment.

Self belief.

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