Soldier Down

Today in Australia it is ANZAC Day.  April 25th is a national day of remembrance whereby we remember the men and women who fought for this great country in honour of the freedom we have today.  We thank them for the country we live in – one where we have options that wouldn’t be possible, were it not for their bravery.  As our Australian troops continue to fight battles all over the world, we continue to thank them for their bravery so we may continue to live in this beautiful country.

Of course, today Mikey D is fighting another kind of battle.  The internal battle of the dreaded hidden disease of childhood intractable epilepsy.  He has suffered today.  He has had many seizures.  He has had about 6 naps and wakes up very distressed.  He has been very clingy and even when we went for a walk with our pooch, he was not happy, just asking for Dadda and to go home.

Once we got home, he would not settle easily.  He ended up on the couch, with his twin who was giving him a sympathy sleep.  She lasted 2 minutes.

He went to bed early tonight and was not interested in food – definitely not good and not like him at all.

I hope tomorrow he rises after a much deserve rest after the battle that continues daily in his head.

Tomorrow is a new day and the sun will rise again.

Peace to you all x

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