Time… but not as you know it

First published by Bryce Wilton on 7 April 2017 

It’s “TIME” Daddy but not as you know it.

Me Hey Mike-D you want to help Dad fix the shelf? Of course he does the question is purely rhetorical. Let’s go into the Garage and get the tools. Mikey Mikey no put the fishing rod down. Can you hold the drill please? Mikey turn off the blower. Okay I will just be a minute you can sit on the motorbike while I get everything? Oh you already are.

Mikey-Dad dad Dad? Brooooooom

Me-No mate I’m not going on the bike today.

Mikey- Dad Dad

Me- Yes mate

Mikey- Brooooooom

Me- No mate not today.

Mikey- Ha?

Me- No mate not today I thought you were helping me with the shelf.


Mikey- Dad Dad!

Me- Yes mate

Mikey- Geff?

Me- No mate Geff is not coming today

Mikey- Dad?

Me- Yes mate?

Mikey- Geff

Me- No mate Geff is not coming today. Okay hold my drill. Mikey! Where have you gone mate? get out of your sisters room please. Mikey!

Mikey- Yeah!

Me- Mikey mate are you going to help me or lick the floor? Mikey?

Mikey- Yeah!

Me- Just let me go back and get everything and you can hold the drill for daddy. Here hold this mate and please be careful. Mikey?

Mikey- Ta Dad (and he pursues his lips to give me a kiss.)

Me- Thanks mate now. Mate don’t drill stuff ok.

Mikey- Yeah Dad

Me- Mikey lets go come with me and bring the drill. Mikey I told you don’t drill the wall. Mikey don’t eat the screws. Mate you coming. Mate. Mikey?

Mikey- Orry Dad (purses lips to give me a kiss and hugs me)

Me- okay please just hold this bracket. No put the drill down. Maaaattte please. Mikey don’t walk away with the drill. Mikey… MikEY… MIKEY.

Mikey- Orry Dad (another hug and kiss)

Me- Mate you want to go outside instead.

Mikey- and Dad

Me- Yes and Dad

Mikey- Yeah!!!

Me- Okay mate go outside I will put this stuff away and do it another time. Mikey please come back with the drill. Mikey I know you can hear me?

Now for the longest time this frustrated me until I realised one day WTF was I getting so frustrated with. Sure I like things completed. Sure I want to keep the place in order. Sure it’s not really what I am used to. Well guess what matey it’s your new reality so either bitch and moan or adapt. My adaption was that I still try and do things around the house after all it’s still me. However 8 times out of 10 it ends up like the above story. But this time something is different I don’t get frustrated, as now I look at this as time I have spent with my boy. I know he loves it because when I’m home at times he’s my shadow. When I am doing handy work around the house he is always there wanting to help or running away with the tools to fix something that does not really need fixing. I would be lying if I didn’t say it can get tedious.

So now I love every conversation. I slow down now and take in the fact that I have to ask 2,3 and 4 times because we are talking to each other sometimes with words sometimes not. When he hugs me and apologises well I enjoy every hug like it’s the last because I know he wants to be with his Daddy. I’m changing frustration for time. Kat and Dad well we have Karaite Dr Who and science and doing hair for school. Jaz and Dad we have getting dressed in the morning, farts, Acro and ballet and I am sure more to come.

With Mike –D it’s not like I had planned with fishing and cricket or maybe motorbike riding together we I am finding my groove though. We have rests on Daddy’s shoulder, Daddy’s bike and not getting things done around the house. This is my special time with my boy so I take as much time as I can so now I enjoy every minute of not getting things done.

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