Days like these

Days like these, like the one pictured here, is a sublime day.  Full of fun, laughter and not a care in the world.  It is so refreshing when it’s an ‘easy’ day for Mikey. When it’s an easy day for Mikey, it’s an easy day for the family.

On this day, it was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for playing outside and having fun with his sisters.  We don’t wear the AFO on days like these.  We kick it off and relax a little.

There are no seizures that we see on days like these, and none which stop him in his tracks.  The only thing that stops Mikey is his appetite and he’ll let you know when it’s time for more food!

On days like these, it’s hard to imagine there is anything at all going on deep inside his little head, damaging his growing and developing mind.   It’s very hard for me to even contemplate what it will be like when we kiss him before he goes in for his surgery.  I have a few seconds where I pretend that we aren’t even contemplating this for him. That everything is a.ok.

On days like these, I like to imagine that our future days will be more of days like these.

And I really like that 🙂

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