Are you ready…. to do the Bus Stop?! **This post is dedicated to Poppy Pring – the Bus Driver!

popMy dad, Danger’s Poppy, was many things to many people.  One of those, was a bus driver to students – International students, high school and primary school students.  He drove from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, and all the surrounding areas.  He turned up the kids’ music when they asked ‘hey Mr Bus Driver, turn up our music please’ and they would all sing along.  I think he even tried to play James Brown to them, as well! He loved to bridge the gap with music.

Mr Danger has always loved buses, trucks, cars and motorbikes.  Anything loud and which can get him moving faster than what his AFO can!

So this week, it came as no surprise that on his first morning to be picked up on the school bus run, he ran up our driveway to the bus with glee.  The grin on his face and Mr D waving vigirously saying ‘bye mum bye mum’ showed he was more than happy to ride the bus to school!

busThis big leap of independence also had me grinning from ear to ear.  To see Mr D climb up into the bus, with backpack on, really made me stop and appreciate the gains he has made since only starting school a few weeks ago.

I never would have thought the transition would be like this.  Sure, we’ve had major meltdowns at the end of the day, through over stimulation and the sheer exhaustion of the new routine, a big day and lots of learning.  However, I didn’t anticipate the shift in both him and his twin with their new found roles as ‘preppies’.  Their independence, confidence and determination have certainly grown in leaps and bounds in such a short time.

Even though they are both learning in their own ways, with daily therapy for both of them to help them move forward, they really are taking it all in their stride.

They really do amaze me with their progress and despite the vast differences in both schools – ie mainstream and special school – which I will explore later on down the track, they are really making their mark, in their own way.

I absolutely refuse to let this year pass me by without acknowledging how far they have both come with all the hurdles they have both had to jump, and continue to jump, it’s going to be a lot of hard work on their part, and ours as a family to strike the balance right, but I think we are getting there!

Poppy Pring would be so proud of Mikey and his independence of catching the school bus, I just know he is looking down smiling at this new phase we have entered into.

And of course, nothing goes without a song, one of Poppy’s faves to dance to … Are you ready… to do the Bus Stop?



One thought on “Are you ready…. to do the Bus Stop?! **This post is dedicated to Poppy Pring – the Bus Driver!”

  1. What a success on all accounts! I bet Poppy Pring is taking the bus ride with Mikey and maybe even playing a little James Brown on the way! 😉


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