Perspective is a personal matter until you make it public!

Perspective is a funny thing, isn’t it?   One person’s battles can seem like a walk in the park to another.  Comparing our lives is useless.  People will always disagree – it’s human nature.  We can’t all just get along, because it’s not natural.   Sooner or later, an emotion will tip someone over the edge.

The recent ‘blogging feud’ of two female bloggers that hit The Project last night, was just that useless bit of 2.5 minutes that gave me the shits.  But guess what?  I like the both of them for different reasons and it gives me a break to read about very mundane, everyday things with a hilarious spin – it is a nice break from reading medical journals about epilepsy!

The nasty thing was that they both ended up with anxiety from this event, due to the ‘supporters’ from each camp.  Two grown women, with more grown women adding fuel to the fire.

Closer to home, 4 adults tragically died in an accident at one of the biggest Theme Parks on the Gold Coast – DreamWorld.  This has stirred up many emotions in the community at large.  This morning I heard on my local radio, people speaking about the tragic event and how in some cases it is bringing up emotions of when they lost their parents, whether it be 12 months ago, or a decade ago.  Again, our perspective on such events are very personal to us all, given what our situations are.

I think we have all become too quick to gloss over one another’s trials, without the true compassion they deserve.  I would have liked The Project to bring up the anxiety attacks both these women had with response to the events that came about in the first place – it would have been far more beneficial to have broached the topic of anxiety and how others can get help.

It is a bit sad that in a society that I go on about so much about inclusion, diversity and making a better future for my son, this is what makes news and not the bigger issues.  Somedays I think ‘what’s the bloody point?’  We are so stuck in our ways and this online thing gives me the shits.  Yet it’s a great tool to spread awareness about really important issues – so you see, I am conflicted!

The whole thing gave me anxiety about if I should continue my little blog! However, a few more connections have come by in the way of other really interesting blogs on families that have such diverse conditions, so the answer is YES – I will continue, because I like it and I love reading about others too.

So all aboard – as we sail through the shitstorm of life!

Wishing calmer days ahead for all 🙂


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