Another milestone – Turning 5!

Wow what a week – Mr Danger turned 5 along with his super twin Miss Jaz.  They celebrated as any 5 year old should with food, cake, food, presents, presents and more cake!

There sure has been a lot of changes in the past 5 years with more to come, with them both starting school next year and now Mikey is 5, another door has opened with some services that Mikey can access now that his ‘disability’ is lifelong and of course, not of neurotypical nature 😉


When you get to the pre-prep age, there is a lot of obvious signs that suggest that our kids are not typical, and really that’s fine with me.  Fine, because it actually gets easier for people to understand that there are differences and these differences, should be celebrated, recognised and nutured in their best possible environments.  On a practical level too, it makes all the damn forms easier to fill out!

Also, now we are into Term 4, Mikey is pretty adament about what he will and won’t do.  Some I will fight him on, and others I will let slide.  The kid has had enough therapy this year to last 2 years and the fact that I push him every day to be just that bit more independent, despite it frustrating the hell out of him, when it can be a physical struggle as well as a neuro challenge, I stand firm and he pushes through.

But there has to be a time when enough is enough.  When do we stop pushing our kids?  There is enough pressure as it is out there to just ‘be kids’ let alone kids who need to do therapy, exercises, take meds etc etc.  Of course, a lot of these things are dependent on the individual’s need for continued health and best life possible, so you do what is necessary and cut out the crap.

By the end of the year, and with me it begins with October!, Mikey D is now honing in on the skills that have taken him all year to work on.  A few more extra sounds, trying to put 2 words together like ‘ta dad’ instead of just ‘ta’ …. tonight he said a very soft ‘thank you’.  Of course with my hearing impairment I bloody missed it, but big sis heard it loud and clear!  We are thankful that he said it, and we may hear it again and some point, or we may not, for a while!

So as we are about to embark on school enrollments and interviews with teachers, I am very pleased at the progress he has achieved over this past year.  In fact, despite upcoming assessments where I know there will be many ‘suggestions’ on what is to come, I will stand firm in the fact that Danger, and many children like Danger, who follow the not so neurotypical path, do reach milestones, their milestones, in their own sweet time. They’ve already faced extreme ill health at a young age, and beaten the shit out of that, so I am very thankful and grateful of that, his persistence shines on.

So as we go into the slide of the ‘end of year’ with the suggestion that we better buy the turkey now before it’s too late, I am happy not to flap around like a turkey and to just take some time to reflect on how far he, and his sister, have come.

**It will be interesting to see if I feel this way next year, once they are actually in school….?!

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