At the helm of the shit storm!

This is your Captain speaking – All Aboard the Shit Storm Cruiser!  We will disembark from Port Calm but don’t settle in too much, as sure enough, we will encounter some stormy waters, followed by choppy seas and quite possibly, no, most definitely a rough night or two!

As Forest Gump quoted sometime way back when, ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ but I think as we get older, it starts to resemble more of a shit storm.  Depending on what your priorities are and your situation, our cruise ships will vary on their journey and what you will see along the way.

I think now, the view of our family and our way of life is certainly very different to what we ever could have imagined.  And what might look to some like total chaos or mayhem is actually our norm – and that’s ok with us.

Having the last two days in hospital with reviews and being told some pretty big news (will diverge more at a later date) it really just makes me say ‘oh well, what next then?’.  Really, I cannot get upset anymore.  My children are my little lights of my life and make my heart beat big and loud.  I am so happy with all that they have overcome and achieved and really it is a miracle they are still here.

There is a lot of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ still and I don’t get that world anymore, it’s really quite dull and very samey.  I crave uniqueness, quirkyness and absolute ridiculousness at most times.  I think a lot of people do.  I know a lot of my friends do… that is why we are friends, right!

I would really like to see this uniqueness embraced in marketing with more of a variety of people that make up the population.  All those washing powder ads do my head in.  Em Rusciano, my fave Australian comedian did a great send up of those ads.  I find laughter and humour gets me through most days.  I think we need to find something that gets us through those days, rather than hard liquor if you can help it!  Something that can be our lighthouse.  A friend wrote a beautiful blog the other week of the fact her son who also lives with a rare condition, is her lighthouse that she focuses on when all around her is in chaos.

It is pivitol as a parent to find this.  I have a few that help me.  My family, my friends, wine with family and wine with friends, music, dancing, singing and laughing.  Special coffee cups and hidden special (as in expensive, not from Nimbin!) chocolate.

Em Rusciano wrote recently about having to drop something out of her busy schedule and being a Survivor of a Shit Storm and it really struck a chord with me.  We all have these moments that we are pushed to choose what we will focus on, otherwise we may drop the lot.

I hope you find what works for you and remember to stop and readjust at times needed, so that you may also continue to be at the Helm of your own Shit Storm!


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