Small successes are sometimes the biggest!

I get so caught up with the busyness of life at times, that I find it is almost a real skill to actually slow down and just take moment by moment.

I don’t know what it is with Mr D, but he has an ability to do this.  Maybe it was in his fate that has him wired this way.  He certainly has a zest for life to explore but it’s more about him doing it at his pace.

Recently, very sadly, news has come to our household of loved ones and it’s affected me.   Again, it’s a reminder to be kind to others because you never quite know what someone is going through.  They may present a smile and a capable, can-do attitude, but it may take a lot of strength for this, when others would simply give up.

We have always had stairs in our house and pretty much everyday we count.  We’ve been counting for about three years now.  We keep counting and never do we think ‘what’s the point, he doesn’t understand’. Well, the other day, Mr D counted to three!  It was a bloody marvelous moment.  Most people would gloss over this but I stopped and took it all in.  What we have been doing for three years was sinking in and had an affect.  What was even more so, we are finding ways that engage him as the ‘usual’ way of learning for Mr D requires a different approach.

Mr Danger astounds me with his eagerness to life each day, he certainly doesn’t do ‘jealousy’, ‘envy’ or ‘pity’. He sometimes gets grumpy when told NO but most children do!  Recently his twin told him ‘you’re not my friend anymore’ to which he didn’t get upset by (he does comprehend, but these emotions are quite different).  He simply left her alone and later went and gave her a hug.

He reminds me to stop and breathe at times and be grateful for what is in my life, who is in my life and the times I have shared with them.  Otherwise, if I allow myself too much time to worry about the future, and about events that may just never happen, I may just miss what is right in front of my eyes.

And what is in front of me, is pretty special.



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