Sometimes I amaze myself with my vagueness!

For all the moments I am on, or seem to be on or pretend to be on, there are moments when I cannot believe I overlooked something and was totally NOT ON!

I have always loved Mama Mia as an online website for news, articles and info about everyday people, with the odd celeb story chucked in for good measure 😉

So I was surprised last night, while Googling at 2am, to discover that Mama Mia had written an article about the 2015 Trolley Petition that saw a big increase of special needs trolleys throughout some Coles and Woolworths stores.   (I was stunned and rubbed my eyes, to make sure!).

I have done a few interviews with newspapers over the last few years about Mr Danger’s condition, and all have been scrapped to the cutting room floor.  But unbeknown to me, Mama Mia ran a story of the petition, which was wonderful.

Click here: Mama Mia

I have been speaking via email a lot to a lady who is working on the campaign for #AcceptDifference – the one I post and share a lot about!

We have a common interest to help push this campaign so that every store in Australia – being Coles and Woolworths, shows a commitment by placing a special needs trolley in each of their Australian Stores.

At the moment, families are STILL having to contact their individual stores.  I’m sorry, but this is not good enough.

Disability access areas for car parking and toilets (although that needs to improve, don’t get me started! that’ll be the next campaign) are part of infrastructure planning, so why not the ease of shopping – particularly for those larger centres and stores?

This is the way forward, for our Australian community, to continue the good work of making things accessible for all Australians.  Things change all the time, and to not move with the times, is just plain ridiculous.

The recent story of a patron of Westpac who had a very disappointing experience, needs to be noted, so that we can embrace the change – the change for #AcceptDifference.

The fact that one in five Australians will have some form of disability throughout their lifetime by way of medical, illness or otherwise needs to be addressed.

We are a big country with a small but growing population, but I feel we can do this.  We can make it work – so let’s get to work! 




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