Determined Danger!

I LOVE how determined Danger is when working on new concepts even when they bore him shitless towards the end of the session!  It takes a huge amount of brain power to remain seated for an extended amount of time, when you have a form of cerebral palsy that weakens your natural core. The signals from his brain send too many messages to the muscle, which then increases the spasticity on his right side of his body (Hemiplegia). Also a reason why he has a tight fist a lot of the time. The look at the end when the Speechy says ‘he’s had enough’ is a classic!

Watch the vid here: Speechy time

I will be putting some more videos up of different therapies as I think it’s the only way to truly understand the amount of work these kids put in doing things that we take for granted.

When the brain sends too many signals all at once, or not enough, it can cause chaos.  This is the reason why early therapy is so important as his brain is re-wiring constantly due to the brain damage he endured.  It is never black and white, these complicated health issues relating to childhood brain damage, physical impairment, intellectual impairment and cognitive development – as many misunderstand.  It’s a complicated process that needs to be understood so that each individual can reach their full potential.

This is why I object to BOX TICKING.  It goes against everything I believe in by NOT celebrating human beings as individuals and celebrating people’s differences, because they simply do not fit in a box, or worse, don’t seem to fit in anywhere!  Whether that be in a school setting or work setting.  This needs to change.  Change Org petition coming soon….?!!

I never understood it when my eldest child who is neuro-typical was in the early years of learning, why everything seemed to be such a race (and this was before the twins issues were even evident!)  At the latest parent/teacher interview, the teacher said something that was so wonderful and struck me as what is missing when I go to all these appointments with Danger.

‘Just enjoy being a kid.  Enjoy learning as you go, some people take longer to learn concepts and it may take them years, and that’s ok’.

That statement applies to all of us right?!  We never really stop learning…

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