Actions speak louder than words

At the park the other day, we met this lovely lady who was just so happy to be in the moment on the swings with Mikey.

We didn’t speak the same language but it didn’t affect our communication.  We smiled and laughed with her.

It is a great reminder to slow down and take notice of what a person is doing rather than (not) saying.  Communication is not just about words.

Mikey is teaching us that on a daily basis.  I find that children have a wonderful connection to Mikey and accept him for who he is.  Adults on the other hand, have a hard time.  We’ve forgotten to just let go of our preconceived notions.  Our childhoods have long gone and half of us can’t even remember them, let alone how we used to ‘feel’ as a child.

We want results all the time and we want them NOW, or even yesterday.  Our world with Mikey moves at a different pace.   Not particularly slower, have you seen my twins move?!  In a way though, where there is a necessity to drown out the ‘white noise’ to gain a different perspective.

Next time you see Mikey, remember to slow down just for a moment, you may be surprised at what you hear, or don’t hear!



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