Sharing is Caring!

I’m going to thank everyone again so much for sharing this page and others that I will be sharing over the coming months.  When you share/like our page, it makes us feel that the bigger community supports us.  I read an article the other day interviewing Nathan Elvery of Change Org.  The article is from last year but still very relevant.  I have had the pleasure of working with Nathan on a couple of different projects and I have asked him for advice in previous times.  In this particular article, there is a term used ‘Clicktivism’.  Womens Agenda – Change Org

The thing is, whether you believe it or not, simply clicking like on a page shows support and sharing a page also.  There is a common goal that people who write these types of blogs and set up Go Fund Me pages all want to achieve.  It’s a greater understanding of what their world is like, because it’s not the norm.  We can sometimes live in a very fragmented world where fear can take over.  To share that, in whatever form, is a great sense of relief for some and a step towards understanding from the greater communities that we live in.

Looking at an even bigger picture, the more support we get the more there is a reason for Researchers to get on board.  Currently, I am looking at working with researchers in the EU to find a cure and better treatments for HHE.  If it wasn’t the support from those who have taken a look at the page and taken an interest, those in my immediate community and those family & friends around the globe – even if you just scroll through my babble!, that’s great.  Your ‘like’ is another supportive voice for us and is very much counted!

So please remember, sharing IS caring 🙂 

PS And who gives a crap if you post the same thing over and over again – if a bloody Kardashian can repost the same images and get ridiculous amounts of clicks, shares and publicity, then surely pages intended to raise awareness are a little, dare I say, deserving of the same recognition?

I might not be a Kardashian, but I am a Kelly and I’ll selfie the crap out of myself if that what it takes to keep this page going and to raise awareness.  One of my ambitions is to setup a non-profit org for HHE families.  Again, I’m getting ahead of myself… let me find the duct tape and I’ll start snapping those selfies!

We love hearing from you!

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