What do we want? Options! When do we want them? Now (actually we wanted them yesterday…)

One of the things we all want as parents is options for our kids.  If something isn’t working, we make a change.  But what happens when your options are limited?  What happens when the option is so severe, you can’t bear thinking about it?

The news that the State of Victoria was first to introduce Medical Cannabis (MC) into Parliament for chronic conditions was fantastic.  As with the United States, with various States getting on board, we are following suite.  Next up is Queensland (where we live) and as I write this, Mikey has had an EEG in the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital today where he had 3 seizures – 2 were caught via the EEG, one was Bryce putting him back into the car but hey, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Read the story here:  Medical Cannabis (MC) legislation being introduced into Qld Parliament today

The medication Mikey is on is suitable only for so long.  Due to his intractable epilepsy, it means that sooner or later, he will have breakthroughs and the medication will lose it’s purpose.  The other issue of being on such a high dose of a combination of medications, is that it slows his progress.  It slows a little boy down and Mr Danger doesn’t want to be slowed down, he wants to keep up – mainly with his sisters at this stage!

Now that we have a possible alternative to this ongoing problem, it gives us hope that we will be able to move forward at some point with this ongoing issue of the ineffectiveness of medications as well as the multitude of side effects.

Watch this space…

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