A ‘disclosure’ from 10 Feet Tall

This may not warrant as a ‘disclosure’ to many people but as I have mentioned before, this blogging business is very new to me, and I’m literally learning as I go. I had no idea that blogs could be linked with sponsorship* and/or affiliations to brands.  Of course, I knew the big guns did – but I thought it was just that – the big guns – Mama Mia etc.

All the give-a-ways you are currently seeing at the moment are from 10 Feet Tall – there is no sponsorship. It is simply a fun ‘thank you’ to you guys, old and new, who have along the way, and continue into the future, to support us and continue to be energised by Mikey’s  progress updates.  Whether it’s an encouraging text, phone call, helpful advice (‘where do I even begin?!’ thanks Dunc) (101 Sponsorship – thanks Emma) or (101 Blogging ‘how do I get to my dashboard?!’ – thanks Bree), donations to the Fun Runs, running in the Fun Runs or sending us links and/or tagging us to articles of interest in Facebook or otherwise.

I am talking to an Australian business right now about their product, because quite simply, it’s changed Mikey’s world.  He’s gone from chewing on chairs, people, cane toads, to simply chewing on his ‘toy’. We love the product, we support Australian business when we can and to boot, the owners are just lovely!

I am simply hoping that someone may see it, and it will help them too.  We have gone years without using this toy and if I’d know about it 2 years ago, it would have caused less headaches and bite marks, that’s for sure!

Anyway, as they say – better late than never 🙂

*After posting this earlier today, I had a thought.  If we were ever fortunate enough to have some form of sponsorship, I would always disclose this in a post to you all.  Whatever products we end up using or discover along the way, I will let you know where we found them… even if we found them in our back garden! 

And if there happens to be a vineyard owner reading this and is interested in sponsorship, then I’m your gal – again, for medicinal purposes 😉 

We love hearing from you!

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